Calidad por Naturaleza

El Maná Productos Naturales, S.A. is a company based in Costa Rica specialized in the making of natural products for human consumption with the highest quality standards and 100% natural origin ingredients. With a wide experience in the natural products and supplements, El Mana have reached a notable impact in the latin american market and have entered with success in countries such as The United States, Canada and Israel.

El Mana in Spain

With our vision of consolidating as a leading company in the herbal supplements market, El Mona starts its distribution in Spain with its more recognized product Rheumadaul, under the name of Romadal. The effectiveness of Romadal has been proven to our new Spanish customers and thanks for their acceptation, El Maná have started its distribution to the rest of Europe.

Nowadays, the only product distributed in Spain is Romadal, however El Mana is making new researches in an effort to introduce a wider range of products, similar to our companies in the United States, Full Life USA and our main Headquarters in Costa Rica, where we make and distribute over about 60 different products. It is the wish of the company to bring all the benefits of the natural products as an alternative to develop a healthy lifestyle, our goal to achieve a better quality of life

Romadal El Mana


Somos una empresa dedicada a la elaboración de medicina alternativa, entregada a la Investigación y a la ciencia, para brindar al consumidor lo mejor de la naturaleza.


Consolidarnos a nivel nacional como una empresa líder e innovadora en el área de los productos naturales, que nos permita incursionar en el mercado de la medicina natural como alternativa para contribuir con el bienestar de las personas y lograr la apertura de mercados internacionales.